The L10 Meeting™ Issues List

Frustrated with meetings? Does this sound familiar?

Your friend: Can we get together for lunch today?

You: I can’t, I’m in meetings all day.

Your friend: You are always in meetings; how do you get anything done?

You: It’s a challenge, too many issues to solve.

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings – all day long! Meeting frustration allows this scenario to be repeated often among friends.

Many small businesses have turned to using the EOS™ Level 10™ (L10) meeting structure to help organize their day and workload. What does the L10 meeting structure do for your business? According to Gino Wickman, Traction Get a Grip on Your Business, the L10 meeting structure will:

  • Keep your team focused on the most important priorities
  • Hold your team accountable for the things they’ve committed to
  • Identify, discuss, and truly solve issues – once and for all.

The L10 meeting isn’t just for the leadership team. It’s a great tool to use throughout the organization at every level, including the departmental level. It keeps meetings on time and structures and creates accountability for the most important priorities. It also recognizes issues to be solved by all members, not just one person.

One particular part of the L10 is the Issues List. This list of concerns and challenges allows the team to effectively identify the issues, discuss the challenges and solve the problem, IDS. IDS has10 effective commandments to follow in solving issues.

It sounds easy, right? And it is as it can lead to a very robust conversation allowing the team to go deeper into finding the root cause of the issue versus using a band aid approach to the symptoms. Rarely will an issue not be resolved through IDS.

The L10 meeting allows team members to bring the whole person to the table, titles and egos left outside the door. Personal and professional opinions come into the conversation as the team builds a business relationship with trust, every idea or solution is respectfully considered. No tangents are allowed.

This is only one of the many tools in the EOS toolbox that will move your company forward to productive meetings and growth.

EOS and Level 10 Meeting are trademarks of EOS Worldwide.


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