Leveling up with the Integrator Masterclass


One of the silver linings I found in the year of the pandemic was the time to focus on improving my skills as an Integrator. Turns out attending an online course with other dedicated Integrators and the Rocket Fuel Team was just what I needed to complete 2020 a little better than when it started.

The class modules followed by a weekly live Q & A session with Mark Winters and his team along with several other Integrators looking to hone their skills turned out to be helpful in ways I didn’t anticipate. Learning from others’ experience is something I offer my clients but has been missing in my own business recently and was very appreciated in the year of the pandemic.

Say what you will about “Zoom Fatigue” but I looked forward to my weekly meetings and that shared experience. A great reminder to surround yourself with people who make you want to be and do better.

Thanks, Mark Winters, Casey Cavelle, and the RF Team for sharing your wisdom, experience, and insights with us in Cohort 008, 2020


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