The L10 Meeting™ Issues List

Frustrated with meetings? Does this sound familiar? Your friend: Can we get together for lunch today? You: I can’t, I’m in meetings all day. Your friend: You are always in meetings; how do you get anything done? You: It’s a challenge, too many issues to solve. Meetings, Meetings, Meetings – all day long! Meeting frustrationContinue reading “The L10 Meeting™ Issues List”

Leveling up with the Integrator Masterclass

One of the silver linings I found in the year of the pandemic was the time to focus on improving my skills as an Integrator. Turns out attending an online course with other dedicated Integrators and the Rocket Fuel Team was just what I needed to complete 2020 a little better than when it started.Continue reading “Leveling up with the Integrator Masterclass”

Remote Fractional Integrator. Can an Integrator be effective when working remotely?

I talk to Visionaries and often other Integrators who firmly believe the Integrator needs to be on site full time in order to be effective. I have come to realize that at the heart of this question is a lack of vision. Yes, you heard me, I am accusing Visionaries and Integrators of having a lackContinue reading “Remote Fractional Integrator. Can an Integrator be effective when working remotely?”